Our Story


We genuinely desire to make a difference for the thousands of families and community members that simply could not access critical services due to language barriers. After hearing and experiencing story after story about this disheartening truth, our founder was up for the challenge of pioneering a solution that is still making an impact.

Founded in 2003, we are honored to be the first full-service language agency in Delaware to provide foreign language interpreters specifically to the medical field and are now serving in a range of settings and industries. We offer services in over 250 different languages, including American Sign Language. Our team is highly trained, and we pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations and needs of our clients.

We are eager to partner with you to expand your company’s reach into new languages and markets with our seamless approach: we listen well so you can serve well. 

We look forward to helping you create stronger relationships with your patients and clients through clear communication!

Thank you for trusting US to be YOUR voice!

We are interpreters, what’s your superpower?