Interpreter Training


Become a part of this fast-growing profession with our interpreter certificate program and dynamic training team licensed by The Community Interpreter International. Already have an interpreting career? Check out our intermediate and specialized interpreting workshops!

The Community Interpreter International

The Community Interpreter International (TCI) is a non-language specific 40 to 60 hour interpreter certificate program suitable for novice interpreters seeking to jump start their career as well as experienced interpreters looking to refresh their skills and strategy toolbox.

Our hands-on dynamic training sessions will…

  • Give you an overall understanding of the National Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice, more importantly, help you realistically IMPLEMENT the code
  • Equip you with real-world strategies to resolve complicated situations with minimal involvement
  • Teach and encourage you in the important practices of self-evaluation and peer feedback
  • Boost your confidence in explaining your role as an interpreter to clients and providers
  • Propel you to the next level of your interpreting journey

The best part is that it’s all accomplished through our hands-on, activity and practice-driven approach. Our experienced trainers are energetic, knowledgeable and engaging!

TCI is approved by the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) and enforces the National Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as outlined by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be prepared to work as qualified, tested and professional community and healthcare interpreters.

Our training sessions are located throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and ONLINE with our new hybrid sessions!

Four multicultural students talking around a table in a brick room

All students must pass an oral proficiency interview (OPI) in their non-dominant language prior to acceptance to our certificate training. A score of “Advanced Mid” or higher in the language proficiency test is recommended for entry.

Call us at 302-521-7626 or email for more information. We are here to help you on your community interpreting journey!

Male interpreter training graduate looking upward with excitement

“Best experience of this special 2020! Grateful to be a part of this amazing team.”

Marcelo Campos, Interpreting Training Grad

Mother with male child sitting at table for language interpreter in healthcare setting


Interpreting for children and their families in a healthcare setting is a unique and rewarding task. It can, however, get complicated quickly if you are not prepared and confident in your role and responsibilities as the interpreter and communication expert. Learn how to accurately apply the interpreting national code and best practices as you are challenged and trained by active master interpreters currently working in nationally recognized pediatric health systems. The training team also includes a dynamic, experienced and passionate TCI (The Community Interpreter) licensed trainer. Learn with us about this important sub-specialization of healthcare interpreting!

Prerequisite: Must have a 40-60 hour interpreting training certificate such as Bridging the Gap or The Community Interpreter International.

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Qualified spoken or sign language interpreters will gain much-needed knowledge and strategies on how to best interpret for victims of violent crime. The curriculum used has been written by national industry experts and over 20 victim service providers from the Washington, D.C. area. The course has a special focus on domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Interpreters will also work on an extensive slang and bad words glossary, because yes, we have to interpret those as well. Other topics discussed include: mental health interpreting, legal and social services interpreting, emergency services and disaster response interpreting.