When should I use phone interpreting?

As we know, it is essential for any business or practice to be able to communicate with non-English speakers at any given moment. ⁠However, it may not always be possible to have an On-Site Interpreter (OSI) present. Furthermore, your organization may not have access to dual role staff members that have gone through interpreting training to help as needed.

No worries! There are remote solutions that can help! ⁠

Let’s talk about some key points to keep in mind before choosing OPI services… ⁠
…is it a frequent encounter? ⁠
…how long do you expect the appointment to be?⁠
…what is the nature of the conversation? Is it sensitive? ⁠
…how accessible is your phone equipment?⁠
…have you taken into consideration the patient’s or client’s preferences?⁠

Here are some examples of when it is acceptable/ideal to use phone interpreting…⁠

  • when the need is for a less common language that could be hard to get an on-site interpreter for
  • in case of an emergency… until an on-site interpreter can arrive if possible! ⁠
  • follow-up appointments that are not complicated in nature
  • shorter calls or intakes⁠
  • quick check-ins ⁠

There are clear advantages to any of the interpreting services available and we can help you find what would work best for you and your needs. At Language Liaisons we offer expert and secure on-site, video and phone interpreting services 24/7. Connect with us for more details!