What is video interpreting and when should I use it?

Video interpreting solutions provide an alternative when on-site interpreters are not available and the interpreting services are needed immediately.⁠ It is the ideal solution when visual cues are vital to the conversation, such as for community members who communicate using American Sign Language (ASL) due to being deaf or hard of hearing.⁠

However, it is always good to keep these key points in mind:

  • length of session⁠
  • accessibility of equipment⁠
  • patient or service user’s preference⁠
  • content of the encounter… is it sensitive, private or complex?⁠
  • patient’s or client’s age and overall state of mind… Video interpreting may not be the best option for an elderly patient, a young child or anyone with mental health challenges. ⁠

At Language Liaisons we understand the importance of having quick access to expert language services and we are here to help you get the best fitting services for your needs. ⁠