Providing Optimal Care to A Patient In Need

A Cancer Center’s core value was patient-centered care, and yet their Patient Care Binder was only available in one language: English. How could they find a company they could trust that would translate each page of this Patient Care Binder with accuracy and precision? Upon calling our company, this client was instantly reassured to know we are certified translators and have been trusted providers of medical document translation for a nationally ranked hospital in the area, and that we had partnered with that hospitals forms committee to ensure accuracy. Knowing that we were trusted with the translation of legal consent forms helped us gain the respect of the Cancer center, and we began working on this comprehensive project together. The Binder was in total over 250 pages, and included a number of patient resources and sensitive information—culturally appropriate translation of this content was essential in the success of this project. After going through our three-step process of translating, editing, and proofreading, our language specialists shared the final product with our client in Spanish. Today, the Patient Care Binder is available in a variety of languages, and we are the trusted provider of not only that large scale project, but now have partnered to translate company websites, online medical translation, legal documents, contracts, community forums, training manuals and other critical texts.