How to decide when you need an on-site interpreter

When is on-site (OSI) or face-to-face interpreting your best option?⁠

First of all, what is the risk? ⁠
What is the risk of NOT having an interpreter? ⁠
What could go wrong? ⁠
What could go wrong if the meeting is too complex for a telephonic or online interpreter and confusion arises? ⁠

If you are holding an important meeting for your business or a meeting related to healthcare, legal or education matters, where one or more of the attendees would not identify English as their first language, then having an on-site interpreter is not only ideal, but crucial.⁠

Beyond doctor’s visits or legal appointments, on-site interpreting has many other applications. It can be effectively used in event settings such as concerts, conferences, religious gatherings and job interviews.⁠

On-site interpreting is only one of the trusted language services we offer at Language Liaisons. We already assist clients across multiple industries by providing the most highly qualified professional and certified interpreters to satisfy and exceed your specific requirements and needs.