Can my Bilingual Employees Interpret or Translate?

Bilingual employees… they are for sure an asset to any workplace! However, keep in mind that unless they’ve received at least a 40-hour interpreting training certificate they are not qualified or prepared to interpret or translate. They are most likely not familiar with ethics, standards of practice, clinical/healthcare terminology in both languages, or proper protocols and best practices, such as positioning, asking for clarification, role boundaries, interpreting modes and more. All of this can lead to confusion, frustration and worse yet, mistakes and errors that could end up being life threatening.

Having a qualified interpreter added to your business, office or practice could have a great impact. A qualified and professional interpreters will be able to assist when necessary and reduce the chances for misunderstanding, poor service, malpractice, and even lawsuits.⁠ If you are not in need of a full-time interpreter and don’t have bilingual employees to train, then working with an agency like our very own is your best plan of action.

At Language Liaisons we do offer training for bilingual employees online and in-person. Our 40-hour training, The Community Interpreter International (TCII) equips your staff to interpret in different settings, always with the highest standards and professionalism.⁠