Adding Spanish Fluency to a Homeschool Curriculum

A Homeschool Family had the goal of Spanish fluency, but was not sure where to begin. The family had four children of varying ages, and needed a language tutor that specialized in pedagogy as well as Spanish. It was very important to this family to find someone that not only aligned with their educational principals, but also with their family personality and values. After our initial consultation, we scheduled a site visit and interviewed each student to understand learning styles, goals, strengths and weaknesses. Our team was able to identify language tutors that would fit with this family over the period of several years as we met on a continual basis and worked towards fluency. Fast forward several years, and the two oldest boys in this family are fluent in the target language, and have incorporated their language skills in their career pursuits! Both matriculated into college and were able to test-out of language classes due to their level of skill and understanding. Additionally, we are proud to boast that these students are not only fluent, but culturally competent, and most recently one of these brothers served in a Spanish-speaking country as an effective missionary!