A Behavioral Health Center Needing a HIPAA Compliant Partner

We received a call from a Nurse Manager at a Behavioral Health Center that had been receiving a high volume of patients who did not understand English. Navigating psychiatric services to these patients was proving to be very difficult and was a liability for this center, as the margin for errors was growing with each miscommunication. The Nurse Manager was hesitant to work with any agency as they were concerned with the highly sensitive and unpredictable nature of these assignments. Fortunately, we were able to share our experience in working with Behavioral Health, as well as our understanding of how interpreting in this domain is very different than other medical domains. After a needs assessment, we quickly became an automatic part of this center’s operations. As patients were admitted, our client had peace of mind that they could call us as-needed. We provided training to staff members so that we could work effectively to serve as the language experts for this center, and keep safety and confidentiality at the core of our services. We are proud to share that we have been the sole trusted provider for this center for over 8 years!