4 Steps to Follow When Interpreting For Someone You Know

Let’s start by addressing that as language professionals, we have a National Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice we must follow.⁠

You may show up to an assignment and recognize the patient that needs the interpreting services… now, what do you do? It can be a tight position to be in. How do you handle the situation?… Do you say something to the provider?… Do you leave? ⁠

Here is what you can do…⁠

  1. Disclose that you know the patient/client to the other party.
  2. Ask the patient/client and provider whether or not everyone is comfortable with you interpreting for this appointment.⁠
  3. If both parties agree, and you as the interpreter can remain fully impartial, then stay and interpret. Assure that your transparency and accuracy won’t be compromised.⁠⁠
  4. If it has been decided that another interpreter will be needed, then immediately call your dispatcher or agency and fill them in! Let your admin team handle the situation from that point forward.

There are other things to keep in mind such as… is this an emergency? Are there other interpreters or services available to help while another interpreter arrives on-site?

In this and any situation, remember to be confident in who you are as the interpreter, be comfortable explaining your role and always conduct yourself with professionalism.⁠

At Language Liaisons we take pride in our team of professionals and their conduct reflects the highest standards of the profession and best practices.⁠

We offer The Community International Interpreting Training in which we make sure you have the best training for complicated situations like these.⁠

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