3 Key Features to Look for in a Remote Interpreting Platform

Phone (OPI) and Video remote interpreting (VRI) are popular language access solutions within many organizations, especially now. While onsite interpreting is still recommended for certain situations, remote interpreting usage has grown significantly over the past few years. ⁠Remote interpreting helps to facilitate a communication exchange between the participants, no matter where they are located, and you can get connected with a qualified or certified interpreter within seconds!

While it’s accessible and very helpful, how can you be sure the platform is safe? We’re here to share 3 characteristics of a secure remote interpreting platform:

  • Privacy A reliable platform will have file, field, and communication encryption. This protects information like email addresses, names, phone numbers, personal identifiers, prevents exposure of stored data, and implements spam filtering and anti-virus measures.
  • Infrastructure should be managed through cloud-based, scalable data centers. The application should be designed and managed in alignment with the best security practices and IT security standards.
  • HIPAA and Cloud Security Alliance Compliance A secure remote interpreting platform will follow these industry specific standards and will have protocols in place to resolve potential incidents.

Your privacy and the privacy of your patients and clients is essential. This is why security is our priority and our remote interpreting services are reliable. Contact us to continue this important conversation. We’re here to help!