12 Tips for Encounter Preparation

Once you receive your 40-hour interpreting training certificate and complete your portfolio, you’re ready to interpret!đŸ€©â 

You decide to work with an agency and get an offer for your very first assignment and what is the first thing you do?…đŸ€” Prepare for the encounter, of course! It is the first part of the pre-encounter stage. ⁠

You need to find out the following information:⁠

  • Languages and regional dialects requested⁠
  • Date, time and length of the session⁠
  • Detailed location (for on-site assignments)⁠
  • Contact name and details⁠
  • Type and topic of the meeting⁠
  • Any documents to be used and/or sight translated⁠

If you are covering a remote session, follow the same steps, but you also need to make sure:⁠

  • You have a clear understanding of what platform you’re using to connect and that you have a link and troubleshooting instructions⁠
  • You are in a HIPPA compliant environment⁠ (and that you have completed your online HIPPA training!)⁠
  • Test your internet connection, audio and video⁠
  • The camera is positioned at a right angle, with good lighting and a clear and professional background⁠
  • Finish your coffee/water, use the bathroom, get your pet and littles out of the office BEFORE you log on 😁⁠
  • Connect early⁠!⁠

Whether you’re interpreting onsite or remotely, make sure you look professional and have everything you need such as a notebook for note-taking, water, tissues, etc.⁠

Preparation and more stages of the encounter are covered in The Community Interpreter International (TCII) interpreter training.⁠

For more information on our upcoming training visit our training page or call at ⁠(302) 499-3030.